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It’s Time To
Celebritize Yourself!

“We live in a celebrity world. To take full advantage of what that world has to offer, read Marsha Friedman’s astute analysis of how to turn yourself into a celebrity. It’s a sure-fire formula for success.

Al Ries

What You’ll Gain From Celebritizing Yourself



Become your own brand.



Get speaking engagements, radio and TV interviews.



People trust what you say.


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People become anxious for the opportunity to talk about your message.

About Celebritize Yourself

There are experts in every field, and sometimes we believe them, and sometimes we doubt their credibility.

But, if a celebrity tells us the same exact thing, then we pay closer attention, our interest builds in what they have to say, we nod our heads in agreement and run to tell our friends the latest news. That is what celebrity can do for you, according to a new book by renowned veteran public relations specialist Marsha Friedman.

“The term celebrity isn’t just reserved for the stars we read about in the tabloids, but rather, it also refers to experts who are known for being the tops in their chosen fields, many times removed from movie and TV stars,” says Friedman, author of Celebritize Yourself from Warren Publishing. “Whether you’re a doctor, financial advisor, real estate broker, used car sales person, or even a waiter, you can celebritize yourself in any field.”

Friedman’s point is that everyone who isn’t famous still has one thing in common with people who are celebrities: at one point they weren’t celebrities either. To illustrate her point, she offers two excellent examples of ordinary people who were able to find their niche and celebritize themselves in then-unknown fields: Julia Child and Erma Bombeck.

“Today, the names of both women are synonymous with their professions” she says. “Celebrity for these two icons grew not out of ambition or greed…what they became famous for was what they loved.”

Take a look at Duane “Dog” Chapman, “the most famous Bounty Hunter alive.” Then there is Linda Cobb, “The Queen of Clean” and Linda Greenlaw, a swordfishing boat captain turned author who now has a series of very popular books.

Julia Child, whose background was in publicity and advertising, took her passion for French cooking and turned it into a dynasty. Erma Bombeck, a reporter turned homemaker, took a $3 per column job and turned it into a nationally-syndicated phenomenon.

“Celebrity is a powerful commodity; doors that were once closed can suddenly open. People listen to what they ignored before. New business and money flows to you – not away from you. Most of all, people thank you for sharing your wisdom.”

Friedman’s Celebritize Yourself method leads the reader through an easy to apply, step by step method that can help anyone achieve celebrity status in their chosen field.

We live in a celebrity world. To take full advantage of what that world has to offer, read Marsha Friedman’s astute analysis of how to turn yourself into a celebrity. It’s a sure-fire formula for success.

Al Ries

Legendary advertising and marketing strategist , Bestselling Author - War in the Boardroom

Celebritize Yourself is an important read for anyone who wants to take their career to the next level. This method contains the ultimate blueprint for business and personal expansion!

Jill Lublin

Author of Networking Magic and Guerrilla Publicity

WARNING : USE OF THIS BOOK MAY LEAD TO FAME AND FORTUNE! This is not a stodgy, pie-in-the-sky, hard to read business book. Marsha Friedman has done something wonderful. Unique. She’s delivered a business book elegant in its simplicity, that’s full of real-life inspirational examples, yet … easy to read and understand. But more importantly, that anyone – in any business – can use as a roadmap to share one’s life experience with others who may be seeking the wisdom you have gained.

Steve Kayser

Editor of the award-winning Expert Access

We live in an amazing new age of multidimensional communications offering the outgoing speaker unlimited opportunities to promote themselves,their businesses and their products. Marsha Friedman is a recognized master of modern media marketing who holds the key to these principles. Her marvelous book provides a concise and accurate roadmap for ambitious entrepreneurs to arrive at levels of fame and fortune previously only accessible to a relatively lucky few.

Michael Harrison

Editor and Publisher, Talkers Magazine

Celebritize Yourself should be required reading for any professional who wants to stand out in a crowded marketplace. The truth is; celebrity isn’t only for celebrities anymore. We have celebrity political pundits, cooks, lawyers, financial experts, fitness gurus, even celebrity bail bondsmen! This is a must read for any professional who want to take full advantage of this new media age – and the New Age of Celebrity we live in!

Lee Habeeb

Co- Creator of The Laura Ingraham Show and Strategic Content Director of Salem Radio Network

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Meet Marsha Friedman

Marsha Friedman doesn’t like sitting still. As a prominent business woman, she has run her public relations firm successfully through prosperity and adversity, ironically having one of her best revenue years in the midst of 2009’s recession. As a publicity expert, she has authored the book Celebritize Yourself.

Marsha Friedman launched EMSI in 1990. Her PR company represents corporations and experts in a wide array of fields such as business, health, food, lifestyle, politics, finance, law, sports and entertainment. Some of the more prominent names on her client roster are Sergeant’s Pet Care Products, Former National Security Advisor Robert McFarlane and the famous Motown Group, The Temptations.

She consults individuals and businesses on a daily basis, and is frequently asked to speak at conferences about how to harness the power of publicity.

After 26 years in the industry, you might think that Marsha Friedman would be ready to relax and slow down, but you would be sorely mistaken. She’s moving full speed ahead and relishing every minute of the ride.

Marsha in the Media

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